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Episode 9 The 23rd. Episode 8 Bad in Bed. Episode 6 Bells.

Episode 6 Thanksgiving. Episode 5 Cece Crashes. My face is my job! Episode 4 Naked. Episode 3 Wedding. Episode 2. Episode 23 Virgins. Episode 22 Bachelorette Party. Episode 21 First Date. Episode 20 Chicago. At a funeral. Episode 19 Quick Hardening Caulk. Episode 18 Tinfinity.


Episode 17 Parking Spot. Episode 16 Table Sort of.


Episode 15 Cooler. Episode 14 Pepperwood.

The Nick and Jess Story from New Girl

Instead, it was all goofy slapstick. Episode 12 Cabin. That guy does not back down. Episode 11 Santa. Episode 10 Bathtub. Episode 9 Eggs. Episode 8 Parents. New Girl Recap: Schmidt vs. Episode 7 Menzies. Episode 6 Halloween. Episode 5 Models. Episode 4 Neighbors. Schmidt has trouble dealing with this. Episode 3 Fluffer. Episode 2 Katie. Episode 1 Re-Launch. Episode 23 Cruise.

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Episode 22 Dance. Episode 21 Big News. Episode 20 Mars Landing. Episode 19 Fired Up. Episode 18 Sister III. Episode 17 Sister II. Episode 16 Sister.

New Girl is charming, hilarious and highly addictive.

Episode 15 Exes. Episode 14 Prince. High expectations; enormous potential for failure. Episode 12 Basketsballs. Episode 12 Birthday. Episode 11 Clavado En Un Bar. New Girl Recap: Origin Stories The gang finally developed goals other than having sex with each other and fighting. Episode 10 Thanksgiving III. Episode 9 Longest Night Ever.

Being quirky with Zooey Deschanel: Why ‘New Girl’ is the absolute worst

Episode 8 Menus. Or maybe he was Jess all along. Episode 7 Coach. Episode 6 Keaton. Episode 5 The Box. Schmidt really wants to know. Episode 4 The Captain. Episode 3 Double Date. Episode 2 Nerd. Episode 1 All In.

Episode 22 Clean Break. Episode 21 Panty Gate.

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Obvious misunderstandings? Episode 20 Par 5. Episode 19 The Right Thing. Episode 18 Walk of Shame.

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Episode 17 Spiderhunt.