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Notably, this chapter begins with God telling Moses, "Behold, I have made you as God to the Pharaoh and your brother Aaron will be your prophet. The prophet's task was to speak God's word on God's behalf. He was God's "mouth". Exodus In Numbers 17, Korah 's rebellion against Moses' proclamation of the tribe of Levi as the priesthood has been quashed and the entire congregation's ensuing rebellion has resulted in a plague , ended only by the intercession of Moses and Aaron. In order to "stop the complaints" of the Israelites, God commands that each of the Twelve Tribes provide a rod; and only that of the tribe chosen to become priests will miraculously sprout overnight.

Aaron provides his rod to represent the tribe of Levi, and "it put forth buds, produced blossoms, and bore ripe almonds " Numbers , as an evidence of the exclusive right to the priesthood of the tribe of Levi.

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In commemoration of this decision it was commanded that the rod be put again "before the testimony" Numbers A book of the Christian Bible seems to assert Hebrews that the rod was kept in the Ark of the Covenant. The Bible ascribes similar miraculous powers to the Rod of Aaron and to the staff of Moses compare, for example, Exodus et seq. The Haggadah goes a step further, and entirely identifies the Rod of Aaron with that of Moses. It is likewise the holy rod with which Moses worked Exodus , 21 , with which Aaron performed wonders before Pharaoh Exodus , and with which, finally, David slew the giant Goliath I Samuel David left it to his descendants, and the Davidic kings used it as a scepter until the destruction of the Temple, when it miraculously disappeared.

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When the Messiah comes it will be given to him for a scepter in token of his authority over the heathen. However, according to that selfsame Jewish Encyclopedia article, the authors acknowledge that this prior reference by Buber confuses the two rods. Later, the article states: "A later Midrash Num.

There exists a legend that Moses split a tree trunk into twelve portions, and gave one portion to each tribe.

According to this account, everything fits into place. Moses' royal staff was the regal rod that belonged to Adam, but Aaron's stick was just that. Legend has still more to say concerning this rod. Weiss, iv. After it had passed through the hands of Shem , Enoch , Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob successively, it came into the possession of Joseph. On Joseph's death the Egyptian nobles stole some of his belongings, and, among them, Jethro appropriated the staff.

Jethro planted the staff in his garden, when its marvelous virtue was revealed by the fact that nobody could withdraw it from the ground; the sword in the stone even to touch it was fraught with danger to life. This was because the Ineffable Name of God was engraved upon it. When Moses entered Jethro's household he read the Name, and by means of it was able to draw up the rod, for which service Zipporah , Jethro's daughter, was given to him in marriage.

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Exodus , end. It must, however, be remarked that the Mishnah Pirkei Avoth v. Friedmann, p. This supposed fact of the supernatural origin of the rod explains the statement in the New Testament Hebrews and Tosefta, Yoma, iii. King Josiah, who foresaw the impending national catastrophe, concealed the Ark and its contents Tosefta, Sotah, 13a ; and their whereabouts will remain unknown until, in the Messianic age, the prophet Elijah shall reveal them Mekhilta l.

Aaron's rod. Ornament in the form of a staff with budding leaves.

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Ornamented rod with a serpent twined around it, not to be confused with the caduceus. Aaron's-rod, popular name for several tall-flowering, infrequently branching plants, such as goldenrod and mullein. The name is an allusion to the rod that Aaron placed before the ark and that miraculously blossomed and bore almonds.

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Aaron's Rod gale. Aaron's Rod A magic wand deriving from the biblical narrative of the rods of Moses and Aaron that were used in the miracles of dividing the waters of the Red Sea and in causing water to gush from a rock in the desert. Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology.

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