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For example, it may not be safe for people with blood clot tendencies, due to the risk that they may become dislodged.

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As well, people with osteoporosis brittle bones should avoid deep tissue massage. And you should always check with your medical doctor before deep tissue massage if you have had recent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Pregnant women should also avoid deep tissue massage and instead seek the services of a therapist who is trained in pregnancy massage.

Please reach out and contact us with any questions you might have or to book an appointment. Deep Tissue Massage. Deep tissue massage is not simply a Swedish massage with intense pressure applied. While some of the strokes may feel similar, they have a distinctly different purpose.

Used to relieve pain from chronic aches in areas such as neck, upper back, lower back, legs and shoulders, deep tissue massage is applied to break up scar tissue, muscle knots and adhesions bands of rigid, painful tissue. Some techniques include: Stripping: a deep gliding pressure applied along elbow, forearm, knuckles and thumbs Friction: pressure that is applied across the grain of a muscle in order release adhesions and realign tissue fiber Therapists work layer by layer, releasing the pain in tension in one layer of tissue and moving onto the next.

It sounds painful. Does it hurt? It was fantastic. I am not much of a massage person, as they usually are pretty lousy. But this one was great.

Deep Tissue Massage in West Melbourne, FL

I was pretty impressed. How did they describe the massage? The typical places here offer Thai and oil. What was the cost per hour? Actually I would like a quality Swedish massage rather than deep tissue. I don't enjoy Thai massage any longer I find some of the movements disturbing such as the quick head snap and the thigh artery pressure push. When "oil" massage is done properly here, what kind of massage is that supposed to be, naming it by the grease used isn't very informative.

I got the massage free So, lucky us! It was a couples massage. I am pretty sure it was about b each.

Deep Tissue Foot massage. Keogh doing Raynor massage

It was not a Thai massage. I hate those.

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It was with oil and aromatherapy. I read your link. Seemed to be a combo of Swedish and deep tissue. I have done many massages around Thailand Not worth the bother IMHO. Plus, from time to time, that head snapping end with disastrous results. I was very happy with the massage and left feeling wonderful.

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Definitely on of the best I have ever had. Lots of BMWs and Mercedes parked in the lot That is the problem with Healthland and everywhere else in LOS i have been for massage, it is really hit or miss if you get a good one and I have gotten sick of getting bad ones. When I have had a good one they are really relaxing and make me feel much better. Most of the oil massages are fairly average that i have had but every now and again you can get a real good one.

Deep Tissue Massage: Benefits, What to Expect, and Side Effects

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An In-Depth Guide to Deep Tissue Massage

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