Fire and the Phoenix

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However, the courses at Phoenix College can give you the edge in the highly competitive hiring and promotional process. Skip to main content.

Fire Science. Become a Student Request Information.

This material develops a beautiful finish through natural weathering and requires no maintenance to continue looking better and better with time. Everything on the Phoenix is built to last and you can leave your fire pit out in the elements all year long! When you buy a Phoenix, you are automatically buying an epic wood fired grill!


Emergency Medical Services

The top rim of the fire pit is designed as a sear plate that reaches temperatures of over degrees! For steaks, chops, and burgers there is nothing like a high heat sear to create that beautiful crust. Designed to be totally maintenance free, the Sear Plate allows you to get more value out of your fire pit.

We use the neutral status of the fire service and the firefighter role model to achieve these aims. On this four day course, students put on fire kit and take part in practical training and teamwork based on the role of a firefighter.

The Meaning of the Phoenix — CAMP PHOENIX

At the end of the course, there is a presentation and drill where students perform in front of their families and receive certificates from the Mayor of Sunderland and Senior Fire Officers. Phoenix Respect.


This is a two day practical course, which follows on from Phoenix Aspire. Phoenix Pride.

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