Ghost Beach (Classic Goosebumps #15)

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Needless to say my head is about to explode! The book does not take a while to get going, it starts off around chapter two and held my interest to finish the book in one day. I tell you one thing, I need to research ghosts because the cover misleads you to believe what they typically look like but far from what the book says they look like.

Not too scary or suspenseful. Aug 15, Veronica Ika rated it it was ok Shelves: novel. Jerry and his sister, Terry, visit their relatives, Brad and Agatha, who live in a cottage near a beach and a cave. The cave often shows suspicious flicking lights from inside, and their trio friends claim that a ghost lives inside. The trip even ask them to help sealing the cave in order to trap the ghost inside forever. However, accidentally Jerry and Terry meet the old ghost.

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But the old ghost claims that the actual ghosts are their trio friends, and he has investigated the area for so long Jerry and his sister, Terry, visit their relatives, Brad and Agatha, who live in a cottage near a beach and a cave. But the old ghost claims that the actual ghosts are their trio friends, and he has investigated the area for so long to trap the trio inside. Who's saying the truth? I can't stop thinking that this one is almost similar to the first book, though this time the enemies are ghosts instead of zombies.

It is similar in the way they find out the anomaly by reading the names of their friends and their relatives on the cemetery. That's why the ending doesn't surprise me at all. May 03, Dawn added it Shelves: childrens , fiction , reading-along-with-nephew.

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  6. I read this along with my nephew. It was only ok. But if he likes, it that is all that matters. Aug 27, Griffin Hansen rated it really liked it. I thought I had this book figured out early on, and I did! It's a book for kids. But the extra twist at the end still got me!

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    Jul 14, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror-suspense , kiddielit. Goosebumps was so popular when I was a kid, we would get in fights in the library over who got to check the new one out next. No joke. I started to read this to my son but halfway through, he just was not liking it. I finished reading it and was a little mystified at the ending. Nic elittle twist. Jan 05, Highness Atharva rated it liked it. I find this book very similar to the first book in the Goosebumps series "Welcome to the Dead House". The main theme is just the same and their are a few minor similarities.

    But the characters and the fast progressing story is what sticks the reader to the book.

    Ghost Beach (Classic Goosebumps #15) - R.L. Stine - Google Books

    The beginning is great but the part from 40 to 60 is a bit dull but the story that follows is wah more better with a obvious conclusion. There are 5 kids in the book. Two living, three ghosts but are not revealed till the end. Its the I find this book very similar to the first book in the Goosebumps series "Welcome to the Dead House".

    Its the highest number of major characters in Goosebumps and also the living kids do not believe in ghosts at the beginning of the book.


    I live the graveyard, the tombstone, the beach and the cave. Stone describes these natural structures very well. The discovery of their friends graveyard was something we saw in Goosebumps 1. The three ghosts are almost undetectable but after meeting Harisson the plot is so very obvious including to ending.

    A very good, quick, fantastic, progressive and fast read with a lot of twists and turns. This book can give you some goosebumps for sure. So pick it up and start reading. A considerable book from the Not- so- horrifying Goosebumps series.

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    5. Terri, the younger sister, loves making etchings of tombstones. While in the process of etching a tombstone, Jerry notices a pair of zombie hands shooting out of the ground. Terri and Jerry try to escape but it is too late as the zombie hands are clutched tight to Terri's ankles. It is all over, it is all a dream. In the course of fooling around on the beachfront, the siblings meet a trio of young children flying bat-shaped kites.

      Ghost Beach (Classic Goosebumps #15)

      The Sadler Trio tells the Sadler Duo about how in the cave above the beach there lives a deadly ghost who comes out when the moon is full. After the group stumbles upon a skeletal dog that seems to affect the Sadler Trio a little too much, they explain that ghosts hate dogs because they can sense when they are around, so the dog was probably killed by the ghost from the cave. The Sadler Trio also tells the siblings that sometimes you can see a specter of light in the cave.

      Later, Brad attempts to convince the Sibling Duo that this glowing is merely the northern lights. Of course, the lure of a ghost leads the duo to go investigate the cave. While inside, they find the source of the mystery light: it is actually being caused by the candles being lit by a creepy old man with long white hair and a thin gaunt body who lives in the cave.

      Ghost Beach

      Jerry and Terri flee the cave and tell their new friends about the gruesome ghost they encountered. The Sibling Trio tells the Sibling Duo that they have a plan for stopping the gruesome ghost, from tormenting their beach town any longer. The plan involves the Sibling Duo knocking over a bunch of rocks at the front of the entrance to the cave, thus keeping the ghost inside forever. The trio explains that the cave serves as a sanctuary and a ghost cannot escape from within, if it should be trapped inside.

      As the Sibling Duo goes to try to trap the old man inside the cave, they are accosted by the ghost and dragged within his lair. He sets them down in front of his desk and tells them the old man is not a ghost, he is their distant relative. It is revealed that the Sibling Trio are the ghosts. Even though Jerry and Terri had stumbled upon the graves of these three earlier in the book, somehow they have trouble believing this story.

      The old man tells them that he will let them go from the cave, if they promise to go check the far right side of the cemetery. It is his hope that they will return and aid him in trapping the three siblings in the cave by the same methods they had earlier suggested for trapping the old man. When the sibling duo escapes and goes to check the cemetery, they see two freshly dug graves with their names on the tombstone. Finally the whole gaggle of children go to trap the old man ghost once and for all, yet the old man tricks the sibling trio into resting in the cave, which they are then bound to do. Then, finally, to prove that the children are already "ghosts" to the other children, the old man calls his trusty german shepherd.