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This book may prepare the reader to pass the threshold into this realm, into the Garden of the Philosophers and Inner Sanctum. Inner Garden Press is proud to offer an English translation of this work for the benefit of the greater community. Together with a circle of likeminded friends he was involved in a profound discipline of meditation that provides a sort of passageway to the inner realm within us. The meditation method elaborated by Happich consists of a number of subsequent stages of visualizations that were carried out against the backdrop of certain predetermined scenes such as a meadow, a mountain, and a chapel.

These meditations formed a point of departure for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes which quickly gained merit.

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The early Golden Dawn had a distinct alchemical curriculum, reminiscent of the Gold und Rozenkreuz. Westcott proposes that Alchemy has two aspects: the simply material, and the religious. The dogma that Alchemy was only a form of chemistry, is untenable by anyone who has read the works of its chief professors.

The doctrine that Alchemy was religion only, and that its chemical references were all blinds, is equally untenable in the face of history. This book is as much true today as it was at the time of its original publication in Schein gives a unique insight into the teachings of the Paracelsus College of the s. The book in part reads like a manual on the subject of Alchemy and in part is a historical record of the Paracelsus Research Society and Paralab.

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The laboratory section includes detailed instructions on a wide range of techniques and operations that are relevant to the spagyric art. Join us! These books were all published as ebooks. In those early days we did not bring out any hardbacks. In Inner Garden published its first hardcovers with a focus on quality and craftmanship. All hardbacks are released as limited editions, both the Fine Bindings and the highly limited Legendary Edition.

Inner Garden Press aims to continue bring out a small selection of quality books. Quality in content and unparalleled durability and craftmanship in print and binding. Inner Garden books are meant to last hundreds of years. We believe this is a matter of perspective. Does an Iphone cost a fortune? Knowing that an Iphone bought now will be worthless five years from now?

For the same money you can buy a great book and a reasonably priced smartphone. The great book will retain its value. Given its rarity and limitted edition it may even rise in value over time. The handwork and time that goes into making a french style binding is what makes it expensive. Ask any established bookbinder for a price of French style bindings, made the traditional way bound on cord and with hand-embroidered headbands , and you will have to acknowledge that the prices of our books are more than reasonable.

French style bindings are the epitome of class and durablity. They look great and last forever. It is said that a small child can hang on to the book without tearing it. We believe it is better to acquire a few books of quality than a whole library lesser books in a lifetime. All those print-on-demand books will someday end on the garbage belt, or the paper-recycle-bin at best. Our fine bindings however will continue to be enjoyed for many generations.

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