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This was fun book. The setting was very well done and I could see all the different parts of the castle. My favorite being the steps Kaylee ran back up from the dungeon. That was one of my favorite scenes in this book.

I won't elaborate beyond that. No spoilers. The story moved along at a very nice pace, stayed interesting and gave the reader something to look forward to in each new chapter. I love the variety the castle has to offer. The relationship between Kaylee and MM is stirring and I loved the ending. Nov 03, Lyndac rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-books-to-loan , kindle-books , series , bdsm , m-f-romance , spanking , zchallenge So, I went looking for a title starting with "K" for one of my A-Z challenges and found this book.

Being the obsessive person I am I had to read the first in the series before this book. The first did not impress me much, but imagine my surprise when I really liked this book. There was some suspension of belief, ok, maybe a lot, but it was still good. Well written, great characters and much more in depth than the first book in the series.

Dec 13, Dar rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-reads , bdsm. Oh that was good and had a little bit of everything! I started it it read a few chapters then stayed up way too late and read it all. Feb 24, Kathy Heare Watts rated it it was amazing. As a reader, I felt like a voyeur witnessing the scenes along the journey, especially as Master Marshall conducted his business and what the guest Kaylee experienced.

The Castle prides itself on anonymity.

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You really won't find a safer place to play, anywhere. Selena had been there before and enjoyed the role of a schoolgirl, but then again, there is more to that role with a strict headmaster. But Kaylee and her lies will compound, and she will discover quickly how those lies lead to problems.

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To listen herself as an experienced player with no restrictions is as far as the east is to the west. Just a fantasy. She knew that—never mind how scary it all looked or even scarier how it unexpectedly felt. What the story will show is the various erotic play within the Castle walls, from the dungeon to the nursery, to the schoolroom, a Little Maid, voyeur to others at play including flogging, shibari, and a trip to the stable to even experience being a Pony Girl.

We are kind, considerate, gentle, loving, affectionate, concerned, strong, stern and oft times quite determined disciplinarians all wrapped up in very human-seeming packages. Almost everyone who comes here is grown up enough to admit they have questions. He was simply a very intoxicating, very convenient and very real Mr. Right Now. Master Marshall has repeatedly stated to her that this is not a love match. How will she go back to her life back home?

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She must leave the Castle and Master Marshall, the sensual devil with those angel-blue-eyes. He had found a tiny piece of her that no amount of fantasizing could every have exposed. Mar 04, Melanie Marnell rated it it was amazing. Kaylee arrived at The Castle under false pretenses.

Everything on her check sheets was a lie except her name. Her fantasies loomed so large and long in her mind that she just knew what she wanted After unsuccessfully trying to fulfill her fantasy scenarios three times she ends up in Master Marshall's, Master of the Castle, office. He seems to be the only one who is able to tap into her needs.

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Needs she doesn't even know she has. He keeps her as his his"good girl" submissive Kaylee arrived at The Castle under false pretenses. He keeps her as his his"good girl" submissive for the remainder of her weekend, gently but firmly introducing her to the lifestyle and overcoming her fears all the while reminding her that this is not a love thing. Only one problem At the end of her weekend her releases her and sends her hom only to show up two weeks later to ask her to wear his collar and try to be a love thing.

Mar 25, Kristen Lewendon rated it really liked it. There are things I really enjoyed about this book and then there are others that were completely crazy-making to me. Kaylee as a character was probably the most crazy-making thing in the book. In a lifestyle that requires trust on a level deeper than we give to most people — even our families — the fact that Kaylee repeatedly lied her butt off, made me wish Master Marshall had just stuffed her back on that bus in the first place.

Howeve There are things I really enjoyed about this book and then there are others that were completely crazy-making to me. I have to give this book credit for covering a very broad range of possibilities, and for being hotter than the surface of the sun. I received a complimentary copy of this book.


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Dec 06, The Scarsella's rated it it was amazing. You feel what the character feels Wow. Not only do you dive deep into the castle, the way Maren describes things, you feel like you're the main character. Amazing visual descriptions and a real lesson into the lifestyle. Loved it. Oct 03, Cheryl Shearer rated it it was amazing. Refer to my Amazon review - e-copy - sorry thought I had copied it to paste here and I somehow lost it. My Amazon review name is Mrs Cheryl Shearer. Feb 06, Stella Grace rated it it was amazing. What an amazing series and what a well written book.

I can't wait to read more. Apr 11, Ruby Caine rated it it was amazing. My gateway drug to reading really naughty books. I am addicted now. Jun 11, Sandra added it. Great book I just loved it. I good dominant, that knows what is doing and tgat understands thd needs of the new submissive. I just love happy endings. Jun 30, Magdalena rated it really liked it.

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Very racy, but also well written. Jan 10, Charlene rated it liked it. Surprised me that Marshall was basically the first story. Did wonder about Sam and Hannah. Shelves: bdsm , erotica , romance , wonderful-author. I had this book pegged: Girl with submissive desires goes off on a retreat, lies about her experiences on her application, gets caught and gets spanked. End of story. Like the heroine, Kaylee, I thought I knew it all. And, like Kaylee, I was in for a rude awakening.