Life Coaching: Your Million Dollar Blueprint

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What you'll learn.

You probably already have them :. If you haven't tried Google Hangouts, then the time to do so is now… Gather in the same room as everybody else, see their actual faces, interact, and use it as an instant relationship builder Collaborate in meetings with your co-workers, business partners, or prospective customers… with zero cost!

The Power of a Blueprint

Present more effectively than ever before, show viewers files that you have working on, share your computer screen, and much, much, more… with zero cost! Broadcast live on YouTube and host replays on one of the largest and most frequented websites in the world… again with zero cost! What makes Google Hangouts so powerful is its integration with powerful apps that truly make the possibilities endless… Why spend hundreds of dollars a month on a webinar or meeting system with far less limiting features?

And it doesn't stop there… Google Hangouts is also compatible with mobile and tablet devices… yes, your iPhone and Android too. Please enjoy! Who this course is for:. Course content. Expand all 21 lectures An introduction of what to expect from this course and how to get the most out of it. Preview Top ways Hangouts can increase traffic and conversions. Getting Started. Technical Setup. Features Overview. Screenshare and capture.

Using Apps for Collaboration around the Web.

Security and controlling your hangout. Show your live hangouts on YouTube.

Real-World Blueprint for a $5-Million Week

Webinar Agenda Worksheet. Webinar Day Checklist. Webinar Planning Schedule. Webinar Press Release Template. Yeah, I feel that, it comes naturally to me. But sometimes I need help with the head stuff, the how-to. And these guys? They are the BEST in the world. Sign me up! I'm ready to learn from the best! Have questions about the Knowledge Business Blueprint? Not sure if it's the right fit for you? Curious to hear more about Jenna's thoughts on the program?

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No worries, we know it's a BIG decision. Email us below! Disclosure: I get a commission when you purchase through my page! When you do so, you also get the opportunity to get coached by me as we work through the KBB course together. I am an independent Mastermind.


I receive referral payments from Mastermind. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Mastermind. Like "praise-hands" emoji style? If so, keep reading Who else wants to get paid for the knowledge you already possess? Are you ready?

Yeah, here's your chance to learn from him! My personal business coach? Jenna Kutcher is a 31 year old mama based in small town Minnesota. Did You Know? The Knowledge business blueprint is exactly what it sounds like I mean, smart men named this program and rightfully so, they will give you the blueprint to build your own knowledge business.

Don't Envy Successful Six-Figure Fitness Professionals...Become One

You down with KBB? Yeah, you know me. See what's inside: Extract your knowledge, PAckage it up, and profit. The modules, tools, and support are ready and waiting for you. Module Extract it. Module Fill It. Module run it. Module broker. Bonus Templates. Software, too? Bonus software. Yea, you get my guy. Bonus Coaching. Bonus coaching. Bundle: Traffic and Scaling. Bonus deep dives. Bonus Tony Training. Bonus Tony training. Bonus funnels. Click here to join kbb.

Click here to join Kbb. You're finally ready to invest in your dreams of starting, building, or scaling your own knowledge based business and you can't wait to make an impact with what you know. You want to figure out what your "secret sauce" is and you're ready to extract it with the tools that Tony and Dean teach You need a mentor or coach to hold your hand and walk you through the process of taking your idea, packaging it, marketing it, selling it, and systemizing the whole darn thing and ya like Tony and Dean.

You believe that KBB is the toolbox you've been looking for and you're ready to put the tools to work. Inside The Knowledge Business Blueprint?

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And an exclusive peek into the mindmint software! Click play "below" to enjoy a walkthrough of the program! What if we became study buddies and I stuck with you as a teacher's assistant for a whole entire month? BONUS: why go it alone when we could do it together? The Knowledge Business Blueprint is your key to ultimate success.

...Even If You're Just Getting Started!"

How do the wealthiest, most successful people accelerate their business? How do they do things that leverage their brand and allow them to become even more powerful? Behind the mystique and the mystery of every business owner is a supportive network that lifts those who are in their surroundings. This is done with options such as a mastermind group, such as The Knowledge Business Blueprint.


This is a successful approach that helps you to build your business or project. The program is designed for you to take massive action and to reach success. I've found that it is the successful individuals I surround myself with that has helped me create a successful business, as well as the ability to find my life path. As I have done this, I have created massive leaps to the success that I want and desire. If you want to accelerate your success, then the Knowledge Business Blueprint is one of the must-have tool kits to help you get the results you want.

In this video , I speak about the importance of a mastermind group and how you can use it to leverage your business. Do you want to discover how to turn what you already know into income? There are tons of reasons why many use the Knowledge Business Blueprint with Tony Robbins and use these groups for their success. It is the perfect mastermind formula. I've personally found that they have the capacity to change how I work with my business and what I'm able to achieve.

Business owners who are just starting out can definitely use a mastermind to leverage success.