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Matter in the negative. Matter in questions. Would it matter which flight we got? I forgot to copy Chris in on the email to Margaret. Matter in affirmative statements. Less commonly, we can use matter in affirmative statements to say that something is important for a particular person, often with to : A:. Sally says the school buildings are in a bad state. Nobody cares.

Be yourself, No matter what they say!

Why are you crying? Not: The matter is …. Matter as a countable noun. Matter as an uncountable noun. As a matter of fact.

We can use the expression as a matter of fact to emphasise that something is different from what has been said before, or from what people think or expect: A:. We can use the expression in a matter of with a time expression to refer to something that happens very quickly, or which can be done very quickly: It used to take an hour to get to the airport, but now with the new metro line you can get there in a matter of minutes.

We can use no matter with what, when, where, which, who and how to refer to a situation that cannot be changed, even though we try: No matter what I wear, I always feel dull and old-fashioned.

Matter : typical errors. Not: … some important matter … The conjunction form is no matter. Not: … not matter how long … See also: However , whatever , whichever , whenever , wherever , whoever. My Dictionary. Translation into Korean provided by Transcend.

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You may refuse to speak to immigration officers. You may also say that you want to remain silent. Carry a know-your-rights card and show it if an immigration officer stops you. Do not open your door. To be allowed to enter your home, ICE must have a warrant signed by a judge. Do not open your door unless an ICE agent shows you a warrant. They almost never have one. If an ICE agent wants to show you a warrant, they can hold it against a window or slide it under the door.

To be valid, the warrant must have your correct name and address on it.

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No Matter What They Say

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No matter what side you stand on, Thunberg united us for an afternoon -

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