Red Cross Kay: My Journey of Service in WWII:My Journey of Service in WWII

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The program is free and open to the public. Bears Ears is a land rich in human history and unsurpassed in natural beauty. The book shares stories of those who celebrate a growing movement by Indigenous peoples to protect ancestral lands and culture, and those who speak devotedly about their Mormon heritage. What unites these individuals is a reverence for a homeland that defines their cultural and spiritual identity. Journalist Rebecca Robinson lives in Portland, Oregon. Her work has been widely published and she has received numerous awards for her work in print, radio, and online media.

Photographer Stephen E.

Strom received his PhD in astronomy from Harvard University in Robinson and Mr. Strom will be available to answer questions and sign books.

Dunkirk’s darkest day: when the evacuation came close to disaster

For more information about this program or other programs that we offer at Sedona Public Library, a nonprofit c 3 organization, please stop by or call the Library at The Four Corners is the common name for this region: a land of fantastic rock formations, ancient dwellings, diverse cultures, and rich history. Multiple national parks and monuments have been set aside to preserve the wonders of the Four Corners. This program, generously funded by Arizona Humanities and Friends of the Sedona Library, is free and open to the public.

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Topics will include Native American myths, spiritual beliefs, and arts and crafts; the history of Spanish missionaries and Mormon settlers in the region; and the history of movie making at Lake Powell and in Monument Valley. Before retiring from the Arizona Historical Society, he worked with more than 70 museums across the state. Please consider supporting Sedona Public Library at sedonalibrary. Sedona Public Library is a c 3 nonprofit organization. Thank you for supporting library services in the Village of Oak Creek.

Since coming home, I cannot stop thinking about our adventure. I keep the memories alive by reading books about these special places.

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I discovered an author named Tony Park at a bookstore in Johannesburg. Even though he is Australian, Park researches and writes his novels while on location in Africa. Our next stop was Zimbabwe. Elaine is a wonderful storyteller who offers insights about living in Rhodesia. I like listening to the audiobooks because of the melodic voices of the characters. She earned her Ph. All titles mentioned in this article are available from the Yavapai Library Network.

If you need assistance placing a hold, please contact the Library. If you enjoy traveling as much as I do, please share your adventures the next time you visit the Library. Safe journeys…. We are in for a long, hot summer. One of the best ways to deal with the heat is to read a book while lounging by the pool or relaxing in the air conditioning.

Red Cross Kay: My Journey of Service in Wwii (eBook) by katherine peddle dixon (Author)

So many books are available that choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. She first read this classic in sixth grade and has been reading it every summer for fifty years. Select a book about a topic that interests you. I think it is a great book, and it is a very easy read. Explore your favorite genre. Reading this delicious book was like having decadent chocolates sitting next to me 24 hours a day and trying to resist eating them all at once. I wanted to rush through it, yet I needed to savor every word.

Ask your friends for recommendations. One afternoon when I was working at the Village library, a resident came in to sign up for a library card. Being new to the area, she inquired about the best place to meet people. Without hesitation, I recommended the Library. In my opinion, the best way to meet new people at the Library is to get involved.

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Whether you are new to the community or have been a resident for some time, consider volunteering at the Library or at the Friends of the Sedona Library Used Book Store. Training is provided. During the last fiscal year, our amazing library volunteers contributed 16, volunteer hours.

You always make a difference when you volunteer. Another great way to meet people is to attend library programs. The Library offers diverse programs for all ages. In fact, last year Sedona Public Library hosted programs. Find library programs that appeal to your current interests, or explore new pastimes. Here are a few program ideas.

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Attend an Arizona Humanities program, participate in a book discussion, learn more about finances with the Investment Club, star gaze with the Sirius Lookers, watch a film at the Monday night movie, or discuss a documentary at the monthly Reel Life Movie Night film series. If you like to sew, you can join the Sit and Stitch group. Check out the library events calendar at www. If you cannot find any programs that spark your interest, why not offer to share a new program?

The Library is always looking for ideas to expand programs and extend community outreach. Speaking from my personal experience of working at the Library, I have met many wonderful people and made new friends. As part of my community outreach efforts, I have had opportunities to work with speakers and authors and to partner with various community organizations. In addition, I have attended workshops and conferences and networked with librarians across the state.

As a result, I have grown personally and professionally. Yes, I would definitely say the Library is a great place to meet people. With your generous contributions and support from our community, Sedona Public Library continues to fulfill its vision: to serve as the heart of the community; a special place where the past is honored and future dreams are nourished. For better or worse, technology has changed our lives. Technology has definitely changed the way libraries deliver library services.

To keep up with the rapidly changing world of automation, libraries are delivering more services electronically. With the YLN app, you can search the catalog, order items from any YLN library, place and suspend holds, check your due dates, and renew items. You may also manage your bookshelves by adding books, CDs, DVDs, and other media for borrowing later.

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