The Alexandria Project

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    The Alexandria Project

    Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. The Alexandria Project, Chap. Marchand would like to speak to you. Carl gave a nonchalant smile and walked on. Who was George to be telling him what to do? Ten minutes later, coffee cup in hand, he strolled past Mary again, rewarded her with a smile, and opened the conference room door without knocking. It was an attack just before that meeting that sealed it. They not only deleted files, but we were able to confirm that they were able to decrypt them as well. What's important is that these were "litmus test" files that we had planted as bait.

    We know the encryption algorithm has been compromised before, but we don't think the bad guys know we know that they've got it. So we use it when we want to pass false information to enemies we know will be able to decrypt the message - or, in this case, when we want to know whether we're up against the pros, or just amateurs without access to supercomputers. Mike shrugged. Mike pointed to George. Mike continued.

    The Alexandria Project: A Tale of Treachery and Technology - Andrew Updegrove - Google книги

    Any day now, the cover could blow off if they decide to swipe a file and someone calls the papers — hell, if they decide to start swiping files from the papers! George interrupted this time. The Russians have been sabre-rattling against us ever since the President announced he supports inviting the last of the former eastern bloc countries to join NATO.

    Of course, the Iranians hate us recreationally to begin with, but since the West finally got their President Ahmadinejad to back off a bit on his beloved nuclear program, his position has been shaky. They prefer to discuss these things discretely behind the scenes. Mike paused. Hours later, it executes, and bang! The CIA men absorbed that for a moment. Then Mike spoke up. Has he come up with anything yet? At that, Carl sat bolt upright, spilling half of his still-steaming cup of coffee into his lap.

    Noticing his presence in the room for the first time, the others turned to watch him thrashing away at himself under the table. Suppressing a smile, George decided to cut Carl a break. Never has been. But he really is a genius when it comes to security. Your part came later, and you played it perfectly — just as we had hoped. This meeting had been just one surprise after another.

    The Alexandria Project

    What could possibly happen next? George obligingly supplied the answer. OK, that was a surprise. To what? Among security people that matter — here and abroad - Frank is very well known. We need to assume that they will be more than willing to do anything necessary to prevent him from doing that. The next best way for the bad guys to get to Frank would be to get to her. So the second part of your job is to do everything necessary to protect Marla.

    Carl looked down at the table.

    watch He was beginning to feel ill. Mary, of course, was lying in wait for him. Carl tried briefly to recompose his face, and gave it up. Did not see that comming.