The Seventh Plane

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Its medium is concrete emotional energy. It is where our consciousness is focused between lifetimes and when we're finished with the physical plane. Causal plane: The third plane of creation. Its medium is concrete intellectual energy. It is Michael's plane of existence. Akashic plane: The central, neutral plane of creation that interconnects the other six. The distilled knowledge of the universe is recorded there.

This is the records generated of everything that happens in the universe as it occurs. The appearance is that all matter and energy have a sort of built-in digital recording device, storing its entire history in a photographic code, but the records are actually windows into the past. The records show events exactly as they were experienced, so the information in them begins raw-it is not clarified, understood, and assimilated until a consciousness takes responsibility for doing so.

Once it is fully assimilated, it is stored on the akashic plane. Mental plane: The fifth plane of creation.

The All That Is

Its medium is abstract intellectual energy, emphasizing truth. The infinite soul who incarnated as Lao-tzu taught from this plane. Messianic plane: The sixth plane of creation. Its medium is abstract emotional energy, emphasizing love. The infinite soul who incarnated as Jesus taught from this plane.

Buddhaic plane: The highest plane of creation. Its medium is pure or abstract kinetic energy. We experience the buddhaic plane just before fully refocusing our awareness in the Tao. The infinite soul who incarnated as Buddha taught from this plane. The Tao has created many universes, or overall experiments.

The Seventh Plane

I am not speaking here of parallel universes. Our universe is based in part on the law of seven. It permeates the Michael teachings and many other teachings, as well as being applicable to musical scales, colors of the rainbow, and so forth. Seven consists of two sets of three connected by one. Twelve is another significant number in this universe, and it relates to seven. For example, the seven-note musical scale is a series of whole and half steps.

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It is drawn from the twelve-note chromatic scale, which is all half steps. Apparently, other universes are based on different mathematical ideas. Some of our previous grand cycles may have been in other universes, especially if we have had a high number of them, since this universe is relatively young.

In this universe, the Tao fragments into the seven roles, like white light bent into the seven rainbow colors through the particular prism that this universe offers. The lowest emotional subplane is in alignment with the lowest physical subplane , which corresponds to solid physical matter.

Figure 10a shows the Buddhist names and characteristics for the subplanes of the physical, emotional and mental planes. There are seven subplanes within each plane, yet only six are accessible to human beings. This is because our subtle bodies only contain molecules e. Consequently, we experience brief periods of unconsciousness when we pass through the seventh subplanes of the etheric and emotional worlds either during sleep or after physical death. Purgatory, Paradise and Heaven are realms that we pass through after physical death, and these will be explained later in the chapter.

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But night does not exist in the emotional world because emotional-plane light can pass through the Earth unhindered, so no stars are visible. The divine plane 6 is often incorrectly called the monadic plane, because Theosophists mistakenly believe the third triad to be the monad. Figure 11b lists some of other names that the seven planes of the solar system are known by. Sign up using Email and Password.

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